Deloro Institute

The Technion is issuing a call for the establishment of multidisciplinary, thematic research teams to be housed in the new Andre Cohen Deloro Institute for Transformative Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, to be constructed with the generous support of the Adelis Foundation

Do you want to..

  • Enrich and diversify your research?
  • Work with new and appreciated colleagues?
  • Educate broad-minded future scientists and engineers?
  • Make a difference?

Each selected team will receive and collectively manage a common, ultramodern space

Spaces designed from the ground up to foster joint, thematic research

Themes to address major scientific problems or grand challenges in human health

Diverse disciplines – from biomedical sciences & engineering, through data sciences & AI all the way to design & well being


Challenges > Opportunities > Colleagues > Communities > Laboratories


Themes > Questions > Research > Students > Facilities > Meeting spaces


Team building > Partnering > Events > Retreats

If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far, go together

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